Trade associations

PFERD is an active member in various trade associations within the tool industry. The national and international activities of these associations include the areas of safety, standardization, typification and quality control. The publication of safety regulations and safety recommendations contributes to quality assurance of the highest standard.

oSa – safety and quality alliance

As a founding member of the “Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa)”, PFERD offers the highest possible levels of safety for the user by constantly monitoring manufacturing and labelling all products in compliance with standards.

FWI – Association of German Tool Manufacturers

The Association of German Tool Manufacturers is an open forum for member companies to participate in discussion and exchange. Our goal is to strengthen common interests, reduce differences and ensure fair competition within the industry.

VDS – German Abrasives Association

The main purpose of the VDS is to consult and support all member companies on all professional and commercial matters relating to the manufacture and distribution of abrasive products.

FEPA – Federation of European Producers of Abrasives

The FEPA is an association of European manufacturers of abrasive products which develops and publishes standards, documentation and safety recommendations related to the abrasives and grinding industry.


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